We Back Small Businesses

Did you know that a massive 97% of all New Zealand's enterprises have less than 20 employees, with 70% run by a single person? But despite being a country that fosters small business growth, the path to success is not always easy.

Borrowing against your home equity is not an uncommon method. But it is a gamble - one that puts your home on the line. 

Whether you’re ‘work to live’ or ‘live to work’, we all love going home. Make sure that home will always be there and make an educated decision on funding for your business.

Home Equity Guide

Our free funding advice guide covers:

•    Home Equity: What is it and what are they used for.
•    Risks involved with home equity loans.
•    Alternative options like Rent-Try-Buy.
•    Benefits of trying alternatives: minimal upfront payments & scalable for your business.
•    Real stories, from real people about home equity loans and their experience.

Learn about the various risks associated with these types of loans that the banks won't tell you; and the smarter, safer option we provide, created specifically for the hospitality industry.

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