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Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years.

We know that starting a new business has its challenges and we’re here to help you with the finance you need for your commercial equipment.

Our Rent-Try-Buy product offers a simple solution that gives you the flexibility to change your equipment as your business grows while maintaining cash flow.




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Restaurant owners require commercial kitchen equipment that suit their specific needs. The Silver Chef funding solution is flexible so you have the freedom to run your business.

Silver Chef are equipment funding specialists to the pubs and hotels sector. If you’re starting out and need a complete fit out, or you are looking for a particular type of commercial food equipment, we can help

Silver Chef actively supports franchisees to source affordable catering supplies equipment. Hospitality franchises are a growing sector and we know the importance of supplying dependable, quality franchise equipment.

The latest, reliable coffee equipment machinery is just a handful of lattes away. Silver Chef helps baristas and cafe owners to maximise profit margins and drive successful growth.

It doesn’t matter what your hospitality dream is – Silver Chef can help you fund it! Whether you need a small fridge or a complete hotel fit out, we have the commercial food equipment you need to stay at the forefront of your industry.

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The French Cafe

Featured in Metro Magazine’s top 50 rated restaurants of 2016, The French Café is a mecca for anyone seeking one of the world’s more incredible fine-dining experiences.

Filled with light, bonhomie, exquisite wines, and a cornucopia of gloriously crafted and presented fare, The French Café has been awarded three hats, a spot in the world’s top-ten fine-dining restaurants, as well as being voted the number one restaurant in both New Zealand and Australasia by Trip Advisor.

Behind the restaurant’s success is the talented duo of Executive Chef, Simon Wright, and his wife, Creghan Molloy-Wright, who manages the floor. “People always say, ‘How do you do that; work with your partner?’ but honestly I couldn’t do it without my wife!” says Simon. 


See a day in the life of The French Café. 

For the food lovers, check out The French Cafés Autumn menu.  

For the aspiring or existing hospitality owners, you’re probably wondering how you can make your own success. Find the answer here or read on to see how the French Café became one of the most awarded fine-dining experiences in Auckland. 


How did The French Café get to where it is today?

“When we took over in 1999, it was a going concern that it had sort of been resting on its laurels and needed some love,” Simon said.

“I refitted my kitchen about seven years ago and put industrial vinyl floor down, then I had to rip it up about two years later but it only lasted about nine months before I had to put a new floor down again. When I realised everything would have to come out, I had a chance to do some different configurations for the kitchen and just tidy it up really. I only had time to do it was during two weeks over Christmas, but at that time of year you have big expenses and as soon as I get back in January I get smashed with tax.

“We’ve always bought everything out of cash-flow, and allowed $40K for the floor but affording the new equipment on top of that was going to be a bit tricky. I went through Southern Hospitality to do the flooring and as the budget got bigger and bigger they asked if I’d ever thought about renting instead of buying equipment outright. They suggested I talk to Silver Chef. To be honest, without Silver Chef I couldn’t have afforded anything but the floor.

“Silver Chef supplied two solid-tops, two gas ovens, a gas fryer and interlocking bench spaces from the Waldorf Bold series. It looks a lot sharper. Their application process was great. Trent, who’s the guy here, was outstanding. Basically, he would just turn up and get us to sign some papers and it was brilliant.

“I know what I want and I have pretty much designed the kitchen to do the menu style we’re doing at the moment. But having the flexibility of being able to change our style slightly or develop another area that requires a different piece of equipment is quite appealing.

“With their Rent Try Buy option, it’s not all dead money because you can choose to purchase at the end of the twelve months. If you’re a young chef starting out it’s a great option without overcapitalising yourself. If it’s only costing you five or six hundred a week it’s a great thing.”


Of course, we couldn’t interview one of the world’s top chefs without asking what advice they would give to anyone wanting to become a restaurateur.

Simon’s response? “As an employer, I find the youth of today very frustrating to some degree because when I was coming up it was all about getting an apprenticeship, keeping your head down, and absorbing as much knowledge and experience as you could. You build your skills slowly and develop like that. I think nowadays with MasterChef and shows like that, they take the normal person and elevate them to superstar chef status but they miss out everything in the middle, the foundations to running a restaurant. You need to work for someone else like it really is your own business because that’ll give you the self-discipline you need and the skills you need to open your own place and really be a success.”

The French Café is now in contention with the other top restaurants for the 2016 Metro Peugeot Restaurant of the Year Awards which will be announced on April 11. 

Interested in following in the footsteps of The French Café? Click here to download your free copy of The Plain Language Guide to Restaurant Success: The must-have guide to establishing a profitable business now!

Simon Wright
The French Cafe, Auckland
The Little Kitchen, Christchurch

In the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, chef, Christopher Winsloe, was out of a job and looking for a way forward. Little did he know he’d end up with one of the most innovative forms of food preparation and distribution ever to hit the streets of New Zealand, a mobile food truck known as The Little Kitchen.


“When people see the truck on the side of the street they’re just blown away,” says Chris. “It’s built a completely different way from what people expect. The food-truck trend has become really big here, it virtually grew overnight. With my truck I’ve opened up all three sides, and I work from the outside in. I turn the key on, open up the door and press a button and it all goes.


I can feed up to 700 people out of this truck. The most I’ve done is 900 units at $5 each. In four hours! I’ve also got a combi-steam oven in the truck, so that’s how unique it is. It gets up to 300 degrees and there’s steam coming out of it and people are like ‘whoa’. I can cook 20 chickens in 22 minutes.


“My two biggest sellers are the pork belly with a sweet soy and ginger marinade, and the pulled pork. I can also do weddings out of the truck, like a buffet style. I’m hired to go to places, I can make and serve food on the side of the street outside bars from about 10 at night ‘til 7 in the morning. I’ve seen it all!

I started with just $1,800, and it was either going to go down the gurgler or it was going to be a success!

“I needed equipment and someone suggested Silver Chef. I had a really old coffee machine in the truck but I wanted to get something of great quality but not too costly and Silver Chef helped my find a machine sourced from Italy. It’s got brilliant performance and you can’t beat the beauty of Italian machines.


“I’ve also just got a fridge from Silver Chef after my other one broke down, they were able to help me straightaway which was great as I could keep doing what I wanted to do.


“Silver Chef has been amazing because of their structure. You have a lot of options; you can rent, you can buy you can pay it off at your own pace, whatever works for you. Their follow-up, and their support has been great. The rent-to-buy option is absolutely brilliant. The outlay is not over the top and it makes it affordable for small businesses. I would recommend them without a doubt!”

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Applying online is the easiest way for you to get pre-approved funding from Silver Chef. Your application will take approximately ten minutes to complete and once submitted, our customer service team will be in touch within 24 hours to advise you of your application approval.

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I’m buying/selling a business with SC products, what do I do? Do I have to take all their equipment over?

We would ask that the new owner fill in an application form. The new owner can take over all the equipment but is not obligated to. This can be discussed between the old and new owner. For further options that may be available to you, please contact our customer service team on 0800 453 010.

How do I get my equipment back to you?

Call or email us and we will send a rental return letter outlining all costs and drop off location. Silver Chef can also assist with your transport. 

What will my payout figure be when I choose to exercise the purchase option?

You payout at the end of 12 months will be the year one purchase price outlined on your rental agreement. This is the cost price less 50% of the rent paid. You can purchase the equipment anytime after the first 12 months and your purchase price will continue to reduce, once your equipment has been paid out your bond will be refunded to you. 

Do you have any service technicians in my area?

We do but these may be limited and we suggest you contact the dealer as they would have more specific technicians available to suit your specific equipment.

My equipment was damaged on arrival what do I do?

Take photos and call you dealer before you accept the equipment. You dealer will advise you as to what they would like you to do.


Who is

Silver Chef is the only dedicated hospitality equipment funder in New Zealand and we have been providing flexible equipment funding to the hospitality industry for 30 years.

We know that starting a new business has its challenges and we’re here to help you with the finance you need for your commercial equipment.

Our Rent-Try-Buy product offers a simple solution that gives you the flexibility to change your equipment as your business grows while maintaining cash flow.




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