Top 10 kitchen equipment shutdown tips


Shutting down your equipment correctly, is imperative. Avoid the potential for mould growth, insect, vermin & bird infestations. During bad times, sadly, looters and criminals will take advantage.

The risk of vandalism, break and enters and other criminal activity also increases in unattended properties. Here are our top tips to help you, in the event you need to close your business temporarily, and be ready to reopen again quickly.

Ice machine. Descale, sanitise, clean drain hose, empty bin and trough, turn off power and water supply, disconnect from services. Clean condenser. Clean in and around the back, sides and base of the machine, ensure there is no water anywhere in the machine or hose lines, cover with a dust proof cloth or wrap in plastic.

Refrigeration. Empty all product out of cabinet, turn off power, strip down and clean all shelves, cavities, condenser, drain hose, evaporator coil, evaporator pan, door seals, hinges, castors, back, sides and under. Use a spacer to hold the door/s open to allow air to circulate while in storage. Cover with a dust proof cloth or wrap in plastic. Cable tie power lead.

Cookline. Strip as best you can and clean all surfaces, removing any solids and grease spills. If the equipment has a water supply, shut down the water and clean any drain lines and allow to dry thoroughly. This may need to be done by a professional. Ensure all gas is turned off. Clean all external and internal surfaces including top, sides, rear and underside. Cover with a dust proof cloth or wrap in plastic.

Counter top appliances. Disconnect from power, clean thoroughly. Make sure you oil cast iron plates to avoid rust. Cover with a dust proof cloth or wrap in plastic. Cable tie power lead.

Dishwashers. Empty / drain wash and rinse tanks. Disconnect from chemical, water and power supply. Clean wash and rinse arms. Empty and clean baskets / strainers. Clean all surfaces inside and outside the machine and dry thoroughly. Cap off chemicals. Leave door open. Cover with a dust proof cloth or wrap in plastic.

Exhaust hood. Clean canopy / hood, light fittings, troughs and drains. Remove and clean all filters. Clean duct and fans. Consider engaging a professional to clean duct and fans and shut down.

Security. Remove all valuables from premises. For example: Liquor, computers, monitors etc. Ensure all locks are working on all doors and access points. If you have a back to base alarms, notify security company of your current circumstances.

Pest control. All baits and other treatments should be kept up to date, get in touch with your pest control company to ask them what you should do.

Drains. Can cause terrible odours if not charged with water regularly. They will also allow access for vermin and insects. I recommend you consider installing Green Drains trap seals now to avoid potential problems.

Boiler tanks. These should be completely drained eg. coffee machines, Combi ovens, dishwashers etc. All milk lines should be disconnected, flushed and sanitised eg. automatic milk dispensers (Juggler), automatic coffee machines with milk options etc


When this is all over, you are going to want to hit the ground running and it is easier to start up with a clean property and operational equipment!!

If you need help with shutdown or maintenance issues, talk to your local service agent.

Note: Always use appropriate PPE*, clothing, shoes, gloves, mask and goggles

*PPE - Personal protective equipment, is protective clothing, helmets, goggles, or other garments or equipment designed to protect the wearer's body from injury or infection.