Coffee-industry equipment solutions

SilverChef enables roasters to offer their customers a wide range of coffee-equipment solutions while helping roasters win and hold onto customers, sell more coffee beans, and maintain healthy margins.

Customised coffee-equipment solutions

Big customer

30kg+ per week
Wants equipment

You buy the coffee equipment at wholesale price and on-sell it to us (including your markup). 

You then rent the equipment from us and provide it to your customer ‘free on loan’.

You build the cost of the rental payments into your bean price.

Medium customer

15–25kg per week
Wants cheaper coffee

You buy the coffee equipment and on-sell it to us. Your customer then rents the equipment from us.

Because you don’t have any equipment overheads, you can sell your beans for less than you’d otherwise have to charge, thereby meeting your customer’s expectations.

Small customer

10kg or less per week
Wants advice and support

You sell your beans to your customer at your normal rate and help them get the equipment they need.

One of your customer’s options is to  rent ‘Certified Used’ equipment from SilverChef.

They get an affordable piece of premium equipment and you get a commission for the referral. A win–win

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Equipment on Loan

Our ‘Equipment on Loan’ (EOL) solution is a flexible, 12-month equipment rental agreement.

It enables coffee roasters to provide their customers with high-quality ‘free on loan’ coffee machines and other equipment.

In the process it helps roasters attract and retain more customers, sell more beans, and grow their business with minimal financial risk.

Here’s how it works:

  1. You buy the coffee equipment and apply for SilverChef finance.
  2. Once your finance has been approved, you on-sell the equipment to us.
  3. You rent the equipment from us and supply it to your customer.
  4. Your customer buys coffee beans from you at a price that covers your rental payments plus profit.

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There’s no obligation to finance with SilverChef as a result of completing an application. We also won’t run any credit checks without your permission.

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Frequently asked questions

How much funding can coffee roasters or their customers get?

You or your customers can get approval for up to $65,000 of coffee-equipment funding in under 5 minutes. Our application-approval rate is over 96%.

If I on-sell new coffee equipment to you, how much will you pay me for it?

We can pay you up to the recommended retail price (RRP) set by the equipment manufacturer or agent.

You can add a markup to your asking price (e.g. an extra 10% to cover any incidental expenses you may have incurred, such as freight and installation). 

SilverChef reserves the right to assess purchase prices as fair value.

Does your funding cover the cost of installation and servicing?

Our Equipment on Loan funding can be used to cover the cost of installing the wholesale customer’s coffee machine.

However, the funding does not cover the cost of servicing, which is the user’s responsibility.

What if my customer outgrows the equipment or leaves and goes to another roaster?

Equipment on Loan allows you to upgrade your rental equipment at any time. So, if your wholesale account outgrows their two-group coffee machine, say, you can upgrade it to a three-group and return the old one to us — any time, no questions asked.

And if your customer doesn’t want to renew their supply agreement with you, you can return the rental equipment to us after 12 months (assuming you don’t provide the equipment to another customer in the meantime).

Do you fund coffee-roasting equipment?

Yes — we’ll fund virtually any type of coffee equipment that helps your roastery make a profit.

This includes not only roasters but other equipment too (e.g. destoners, after-burners, and weighing-and-packaging machines). 

If your business’s cash flow is tight and you need some quick cash to relieve the situation, we’ll consider buying equipment you’ve recently bought and renting it back to you under a 12-month agreement.

Not only will your business get an immediate cash injection, you’ll be able to continue using the equipment for manageable, weekly payments that protect your cash flow (under our ‘Buy Back’ scheme).

Do you finance coffee-machine customisation?

Yes — we can include the cost of customisation — including painting, lighting, wood finishes, logos and more — in the financed amount.