Best commercial pizza oven 2023: Buyer's guide

buyer's guide

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  1. Introduction
  2. Types of commercial pizza ovens
  3. Commercial pizza oven styles
  4. Essentials to consider before purchase
  5. Features to consider
  6. Best commercial pizza ovens
  7. Used commercial pizza ovens - worth considering?
  8. Frequently asked questions
  9. Commercial pizza oven glossary
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Our obsession with the perfect pizza is legendary, and at the heart of that cheesy, crispy perfection is always a commercial pizza oven.

If you’re dreaming of making a mark in the bustling pizza market, a killer recipe is just the start.

To truly stand out and woo not just the everyday pizza lover but also the gourmet aficionados, you need the best commercial pizza oven. 

We understand choosing the right commercial pizza oven from a plethora of options is easier said than done.

That’s why we’ve designed this commercial pizza oven buying guide to help you with all the information you need to find the best option.    

In this guide, we will cover the different types and styles of commercial pizza ovens, highlight the best brands, and discuss the features of a commercial pizza oven that you should consider.

There’s also a handy glossary, FAQs, and more.  



Types of commercial pizza ovens

From the traditional to the modern sleek ones, selecting the perfect pizza oven is pivotal.

It not only influences your eatery or pizzeria's efficiency but also the style of pizza and precision of every slice you serve. 

So, which pizza oven suits your needs best?

Let's dive into a brief overview of the choices at hand.


Brick pizza ovens

A commercial brick pizza oven

The brick pizza oven is undeniably a classic in the world of pizza-making.

Crafted from brick, clay, or stone, these ovens boast a domed roof, ensuring high heat retention.

Their claim to fame?

An unparalleled even heat distribution, guaranteeing top-notch pizzas with an authentic taste. 


Size: Tailored to the venue, the size of brick pizza ovens can be quite diverse depending on the fuel type and requirements. The wood-fired models will always need extra chimney space.


Production capacity: While the oven's size is a determinant, most commercial brick pizza ovens can accommodate multiple pizzas simultaneously, typically baking a batch in less than ten minutes. To sidestep heat recovery intervals, it's key to keep the oven's fire consistent.


Best for: They're a perfect fit for expansive outdoor areas or grand restaurant gardens. They work well for mid to large-scale ventures. If you're in the business of artisanal pizza-making, look no further.


Depending on the fuel they use, there are two variants,


Wood fired brick pizza ovens

These ovens give your pizza that unbeatable crispy edge and a hint of woody aroma.

They typically come with a built-in chimney to remove the smoke produced from burning wood.

The downside?

The rising cost of wood can make them a pricier option.

Plus, you need an experienced chef to work efficiently with them.


Gas fired brick pizza ovens

Consistent and efficient, gas-fired brick pizza ovens heat up evenly, and they don’t need continuous supervision to adjust the fire.

They're cost savers compared to wood-fired ones, and they don’t need a built-in chimney, but getting them to the right temperature does demand some extra energy.



Conveyor pizza ovens

 Commercial Pizza Conveyor Oven

The conveyor pizza ovens are touted as the champions of pizza production.

Simply pop your pizza onto the conveyor belt, and watch as the oven takes over, moving the pizza at a predetermined pace and cooking it on the way.

This ensures a steady stream of perfectly cooked pizzas, one after the other, with uniform results every single time.

Whether powered by gas or electricity, these ovens maintain a consistent temperature.

The absence of a door means no extra heat loss, ensuring the oven remains at the desired temperature throughout its operation.


Size: Most conveyor pizza ovens are spacious enough to accommodate multiple large pizzas side by side. They do demand a significant amount of space, especially considering the extended conveyor belts at both the entry and exit points.


Production capacity: A single conveyor pizza oven, depending on its size and features, can whip up a staggering number of pizzas every hour. For those looking to ramp up production, some models allow stacking up to four conveyor ovens atop one another.


Best for: If speed and efficiency top your list, conveyor pizza ovens are your best bet. They are the best choice for large pizzerias, large fast food restaurants, pizza chains, and food courts.


Pizza deck oven


Pizza Deck Oven


Made with stone or brick base, these commercial pizza ovens manage to capture a hint of the authentic charm inherent to their full-brick variants.

Heated by either gas or electric burners, these ovens are known for making delightfully crispy pizza bases.

Manually shuffling the pizzas within the oven might be needed to avoid overcooked or charred sections.

So, you’ll need trained staff for the job.


Size: From compact single countertop models to towering multi-deck units, there's a size for every need. If you're thinking of stacking those decks for more production, remember you'll need a bit more headroom.


Production capacity: The number of pizzas you can make in a batch depends on the size of the oven. Expect an approximate bake time of about six to eight minutes per batch. Stack multiple deck ovens to boost production without losing kitchen space.


Best for: These ovens are a hit with medium to large eateries and pizzerias. And the best bit? You can easily upscale and add more decks to cater to your demand.


Convection pizza oven


 Commercial convection pizza oven

Commercial convection pizza ovens circulate hot air within the oven chamber, guaranteeing a consistent bake.

Convection pizza ovens can run on electricity or gas.

Their efficiency is commendable, delivering rapid results while being energy-conservative.

The outcome? Perfectly baked pizzas that are both cost-effective and consistently delightful.

Plus, they can also be used to cook other dishes, from lasagne to apple pies and more.


Size: While convection ovens are available in various sizes, they're notably more compact than other pizza oven variants. They are a fitting choice for establishments with limited space, such as smaller eateries or front-of-house setups.


Production capacity: The production capacity of a convection pizza oven hinges on its size and features. The larger models, equipped with multiple racks or designed as multi-deck units, naturally boast a higher production rate.


Best for: Given their cost-effectiveness both in terms of initial investment and maintenance, convection ovens are a savvy choice for establishments that aren't exclusively pizzerias but still wish to serve up a slice of perfection.


BBQ pizza ovens

BBQ Pizza Oven

Perfect for places with a more boutique vibe, these ovens are as versatile as they come.

From firing up a Margherita to grilling a juicy chicken or burger, they've got you covered.

The models with casters attached are easy to roll wherever you need them to be.

The smaller BBQ pizza ovens are often used at home. 


Size: From compact to large, there's a size to fit every space and style.


Production capacity: Depending on the model, some BBQ pizza ovens can whip up 110 or more pizzas an hour.


Best for: Hosting in pub gardens, outdoor events, or that artisanal pizzeria you've been dreaming of.


Now, let's talk fuel. Depending on the fuel they use, this type has three variants.


Wood-fired BBQ pizza ovens

Want that classic wood-fired flavour but short on space for a brick oven?

These ovens are your ticket to achieving the same perfection without the huge investment or fuss related to installation.


Gas BBQ pizza ovens

Efficient and budget-friendly, these gas-run ovens are a breeze to use and clean.

Plus, they're a win for spots where smoke's a no-go.


Hybrid BBQ pizza ovens

Can't decide between wood or gas? Why not both?

With the hybrid, switch between fuel types based on what's available or what mood you're in.


Here’s a quick look at the best pizza ovens for the different styles of pizza and pizza crust

Oven type

Pizza Style

Crust style

Brick pizza oven

Neapolitan, California-style, New York, Chicago, and Sicilian

All styles – Thick crust, deep dish, cheese crust, thin and medium crust, etc.

Conveyor pizza oven

Neapolitan and New York 

Thin crust, medium crust, flatbread, etc.

Deck pizza oven

Neapolitan, Chicago, New York, and Sicilian

All styles – Thick crust, medium-crust, deep dish, cheese crust, etc.

Convection pizza oven

Neapolitan and New York 

Thin crust, medium crust, frozen and fresh flatbread, etc.

BBQ pizza oven

Neapolitan, New York, Chicago, and Sicilian

Deep dish, medium or thick crust, etc.


The table you just checked out is a handy sum-up of the kinds of pizzas and pizza crusts you can whip up in different pizza ovens.

But it's not one-size-fits-all.

Depending on the exact oven you've got (read the brand, model, and other features), your pizza possibilities might vary.



Commercial pizza oven styles

Picking the right pizza oven style isn't just about aesthetics; it's about making sure your kitchen runs like a well-oiled machine.

Lucky for you, there's a variety of styles to fit every space and need.

Let's break it down:


Commercial built-in pizza ovens

Built in Pizza Oven

Most of the commercial brick pizza ovens fall under the built-in category.

Customised to the location's specifications, they exude a timeless charm.

However, they demand significant real estate, and if you're leaning towards commercial wood fired pizza ovens, allocate space for a chimney.


Commercial standalone pizza oven

Standalone double deck electric pizza oven

Enter the standalone model: self-sufficient with its own stand, ready to be positioned as needed.

Whether you're into conveyor, deck, or convection styles, there's a standalone for you.

BBQ pizza ovens are typically standalone too.

They're perfect when you're aiming for high production and want to stack ovens without cramping your kitchen's style.

Just keep in mind they'll claim a chunk of your floor space.


Commercial countertop pizza oven

Commercial countertop pizza oven

If you're tight on space or setting up a cosy front-of-the-house spot, commercial countertop pizza ovens are your best bet.

They're compact, cost-effective, and ideal for places where the pizza demand is moderate and steady.

And yes, you can get conveyor, deck, and convection types in this nifty style.



Essentials to consider before purchase

To narrow down your choices to the best commercial pizza oven for your venue, here are some essential considerations.


Type of pizza

First things first: what's your pizza style?

If you've got a signature crust or topping combo in mind, you'll want an oven that can specifically nail it.

While most commercial pizza ovens can handle a variety of pizzas, some are just better at certain styles.

For instance, if you’re thinking of deep-pan pizzas loaded with cheese and veggies, a deck or brick oven might be your best bet over a conveyor model.


Type of utility

Typical brick and BBQ pizza ovens can run on wood or gas, depending on the model.

And if you're eyeing a hybrid BBQ oven, you get the best of both worlds: gas and wood.

As for deck, conveyor, and convection ovens, you're looking at either electricity or gas.

Electric pizza ovens are extremely versatile and easy to operate.

They are clean and great for spots without a gas line, but they might cost you a bit more to run.

However, they're a solid pick if you're not running the oven all day.

Electric pizza ovens come in single or three-phase variants.

Gas pizza ovens, on the other hand, can use natural gas or bottled propane.

They are more economical to run, which is great if you’re running a large pizza shop that needs round-the-clock production.  

On the downside, a gas pizza oven might tend to dry out the product, even if minimally, and they might need a little more operational prowess.

So, think about your kitchen setup, plus price and availability of different fuel types in your area before you pick.



Different commercial pizza ovens have different installation specifications, so it's all about finding the right match for your kitchen.

Got a big wood-fired oven?

You'll need space for a chimney.

And ventilation is non-negotiable.

Most building codes will have you set up a dedicated hood for deck, convection, or conveyor ovens unless you're rocking a ventless or small countertop model.

When you pick a spot for your oven, make sure there's room to move.

Your crew should be able to work around it easily.

Don't forget to double-check your gas and electric connections and confirm that they align with the model you choose.

Always follow the installation guidelines as provided by the manufacturer and grab any necessary permits before installation.



Planning to set up your oven where customers can see it?

Well, you're in for a treat.

Brick and BBQ pizza ovens aren't just cooking machines; they're a visual delight!

They ooze authenticity and can instantly elevate the vibe of your place.

But if you're leaning towards the modern side, how about considering electric or gas pizza ovens with glass doors?

Not only do they let your chef sneak a peek without disturbing the cooking process, but they also turn the waiting game into a fun watch for your customers.

Now, if your oven's going to be working its magic behind the scenes, then the robust stainless-steel models are your best choice.


Ease of use and cleaning

When selecting a commercial pizza oven, two things you'll want front and centre: user-friendliness and ease of cleaning.

Wood-fired pizza ovens, particularly the brick variants, come with their own set of nuances.

They demand a seasoned chef who understands their rhythm.

Cleaning them isn't a walk in the park, either.

Regularly removing burnt wood and ash is essential, and it's crucial to address any food remnants on the walls or base promptly.

Depending on the oven's material, there might be specific maintenance tasks to keep it in top shape.

However, if you're getting a modern gas or electric pizza oven, the experience is a bit different.

These models often boast intuitive controls, streamlining the cooking process.

And when it comes to cleaning?

Pizza ovens with stainless steel finishes and removable components are your best bet, ensuring a straightforward maintenance routine.



Features to consider

So, now that you're on the hunt for the perfect commercial pizza oven, you want something that'll fit right into your kitchen, meet your current needs, and still have room to grow with you.

Here's what to keep an eye out for to ensure you're getting the most for your buck.



Commercial pizza ovens come in all shapes and sizes, from the surprisingly spacious to the compact.

The brick pizza ovens are typically large and need considerable space, whereas the convection or even the deck ovens are more compact solutions.

Before you commit, make sure you've got the measurements down.

Will it fit snugly in your kitchen?

If you're thinking of stacking ovens, consider the height.

You don't want your team on tiptoes trying to reach the top oven.

The size of the oven is directly related to capacity, so pick a size that can meet your production needs and fit perfectly in your kitchen.



Now, think about your pizza output.

If you're running a bustling pizzeria, especially on those jam-packed weekends, you'll need an oven that can keep up.

But if you're more of a cosy café, adjust the size accordingly.

A pro tip? Check the manufacturer's manual. It'll give you the lowdown on the oven's pizza production capacity. Make sure it aligns with your needs.

Think about the biggest pizza you plan to bake, whether it's in a deck, convection, conveyor, or BBQ oven.

You don't want size limitations cramping your pizza style, so keep that in mind when narrowing down your choices.


Build quality

Commercial pizza ovens need to be robust.

If you're eyeing a built-in brick pizza oven, you've got choices: clay, brick, or natural stone.

Clay is cost-friendly but might demand more maintenance.

Brick strikes a balance between affordability and ease of upkeep. Stone? It's durable and long-lasting, but might be a bit pricier.

For other oven types like conveyor, deck, convection, or BBQ, stainless steel is the top choice.

Prioritize high-quality stainless steel; it's resilient, cleans up nicely, and will serve you well over the years.


Settings and controls

The settings and controls on your oven can significantly influence your pizza-making and the level of precision you can achieve with it.

Traditional brick ovens are all manual.

They've got that authentic touch, but you'll need a seasoned chef to truly make them sing.

For other commercial pizza ovens, precision is key.

Here's what to look for:


Timer: Some advanced ovens will shut off automatically once the pizza's done. It's a game-changer for energy savings and ease of use. Even standard timers, which just give you a heads-up when time's up, can be a lifesaver during a busy shift.


Temperature control: The secret to that perfect crust? Spot-on temperature control. Find an oven that lets you tweak the temperature settings as needed.


Temperature display: This feature keeps you in the loop about the oven's exact temperature. Especially handy since opening the door can cause a temperature drop.


Preset programs: Some newer electric pizza ovens come equipped with preset cooking programs, ensuring consistent results with minimal fuss. Some can even store and recall multiple programs, adjusting oven temperature on the fly.


Cooking time

Let's talk pizza speed! How fast your oven churns out a delicious pizza depends on the oven type, the specific make and model.

Most commercial pizza ovens can usually whip up a batch in under 10 minutes.

But remember, they might need a warm-up time or a little heat-recovery time between batches.

Also, think about how many pizzas it can handle at once and its maximum pizza size.

To keep those pizzas coming and customers happy, make sure your oven's cooking time aligns with your needs.



Whether it's for event catering, a food truck, or a pop-up stand, mobility matters.

You also have to consider mobility if you want to have the flexibility to use the pizza oven indoors or outdoors as the situation demands. 

Commercial brick ovens are more of a stay-put kind of oven.

But if you're looking for that wood-fired taste with the freedom to move, wood-fired BBQ pizza ovens are your ticket.

When thinking mobility, weight is a big factor.

Some ovens are made lighter with portability in mind.

Most standalone electric or gas pizza ovens come with casters, making them easy to roll around.

If you're eyeing a mobile operation, compact and lightweight countertop models might be just the right pick.


Energy efficiency

If you're running your commercial pizza oven for hours on end, it's going to consume considerable energy.

So, it's a smart move to invest in an energy-efficient model.

Now, commercial wood-fired pizza ovens run on wood, so no need for electricity or gas, but collecting sufficient wood to run a large oven at a commercial scale might be a challenge depending on the area.

It can also be quite expensive.

Plus, keep in mind that they produce lots of smoke, and their efficiency can swing based on the wood type and oven design.

Convection ovens are leading the pack in energy efficiency.

Their edge? The forced-convection technology, which optimizes heat distribution and cuts down on cooking time.

But let's not overlook the advancements in deck and conveyor ovens.

Deck ovens have evolved to retain heat more effectively, translating to reduced energy use throughout your business day.

Modern conveyor ovens now boast top-tier insulation and heating techniques, ensuring you get more for your energy expenses.

Remember, the energy efficiency can vary based on the model and brand.

So, when choosing, always consider the oven's energy credentials to ensure you're making a smart pick.

Here are some energy-efficient features to look for:


Infrared burners: Found in some gas models, these burners deliver intense, direct heat, getting your pizzas done in a jiffy.


Quartz-halogen cooking elements: Some electric ovens come with these, offering quick heating and spot-on temperature control.


Advanced insulation: It keeps the heat in, which is good for the environment and your energy bill.


Improved gaskets: These create a snug seal, keeping the heat inside the oven.


Advanced controls: The latest in commercial pizza ovens come with smart controls that fine-tune energy use and give you more control.


Safety features

Safety should never take a backseat.

If you're diving into the world of commercial wood fired pizza ovens, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First off, make sure the chef knows their way around the oven.

Having the right protective gear is a must, and of course, the right tools make all the difference.

Always double-check the chimney for any blockages.

A clear chimney and a smooth-running ventilation system ensure there are no fire or smoke-related hazards.

Here's what to look for in a commercial electric or gas pizza oven to ensure things stay sizzling but safe:


Heat-resistant body and handle: This ensures the oven's exterior remains at a manageable temperature, minimizing the risk of accidental burns.


Safety shut-off valve: In the event of a malfunction or gas leak, this valve jumps into action, automatically cutting off the gas supply.


Thermostat control: The thermostat control ensures the oven maintains a steady temperature, eliminating the dangers of overheating and potential fire hazards.


Sturdy stands & anti-tip features: For standalone pizza ovens, stability is key. A robust stand keeps the oven anchored, and the added anti-tip features ensure it remains upright, preventing any unintended mishaps.


Emergency stop button: Available in select premium models, this button is a quick-response mechanism. If there's a hiccup or unexpected issue, a simple press halts operation, ensuring safety.



Best commercial pizza ovens


 Prismafood Logo

Born in Italy in 2006, Prismafood has been serving up some sizzling success in the professional equipment scene for pizzerias and restaurants.

Their blend of quality and innovation sets them apart.

For those in our region, Prismafood's top-tier pizza ovens are available through the Federal Hospitality Equipment store, commonly known as FED.

Let’s talk about some of their standout models.

Single Deck Gas Pizza Oven PMG-9 is a compact powerhouse that’s all about authenticity. With its stone sole interior and rock wool insulation, it promises an authentic taste while being energy-efficient.

It can accommodate 9 x 30cm ( 12-inch) pizzas simultaneously and can work as a commercial countertop pizza oven. Its durable stainless steel body, combined with German EGO controls, ensures precision and longevity.

Need something with a bit more oomph? The TP-2-SD Double Deck electric pizza oven is a true performer. It heats up to a sizzling 500°C and can handle up to 12, 35cm (14-inch) pizzas in one go.

With its stone sole interior, sheathed heating elements, and temperature readouts, it's the perfect blend of tradition and tech.



 Woodson Logo

Woodson is the crown jewel of Stoddart's countertop kitchen and cafe equipment lineup, boasting over 60 years in the business. Woodson products are proudly designed and crafted right in Australia.

Now, if you're on the hunt for a conveyor pizza oven that's both compact and mighty, Woodson should be on your radar.

Their ovens are built strong, ready to handle high-production demands without breaking a sweat.

The Woodson Starline counter top pizza conveyor oven W.CVP.C comes in two different belt widths - 457mm and 610mm, catering to varied production scales. These sleek commercial countertop pizza ovens, with their intuitive features, can churn out an impressive 20 to 25, 12-inch pizzas every hour.

And the tech side? These ovens sport a digital control interface, offering a seamless "set and forget" experience. This means less fuss for you and more energy savings.

Plus, with metal incaloy (corrosion resistant and built to withstand high temperatures) and fan-forced heating, you're guaranteed efficient power consumption and consistent output.

Check out more on Woodson pizza ovens here.




Fimar Logo

Fimar, straight out of Italy's heartland, has been crafting and curating top-notch machinery for commercial kitchens for over four decades.

What sets Fimar apart is their unwavering commitment to melding advanced tech with robust designs, ensuring their products stand tall in bustling commercial spaces worldwide.

Fimar's electric pizza oven range is vast, catering to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

For restaurants and pizza shops needing a reliable commercial countertop pizza oven, the FMLM/6+6 Electric Twin Deck from Fimar is a solid pick. It efficiently bakes 6 pizzas on each deck per batch.

The oven boasts a refractory brick baking surface and Pyrex inspection glass doors, allowing for easy monitoring. And with its dual thermostats, you can dial in temperatures from 50 to 500 °C.

If space is a concern and you're after something more compact, consider the FYL/4+4 Electric Twin Deck model. It's a streamlined version of its larger counterpart, designed to bake 4 + 4 pizzas per batch. Both models prioritize performance and practicality.

Check out more Fimar commercial pizza ovens here.


OEM Your Pizza Hub

 OEM Logo

Established in 1973 in Italy, OEM Your Pizza Hub is all about sophisticated pizza machinery. With a footprint in over 80 countries, it's clear they are a favourite of professionals.

Their collection is vast, catering to both the quaint corner pizzerias and the bustling pizza chains. From the nimble single deck electric models to the grandeur of their electric rotary pizzeria oven, there's an OEM for every need.

In New Zealand, Moffat is your gateway to OEM's world-class offerings. While the full range might not be on the Kiwi shores, the available selection doesn't disappoint.

Consider the OEM DOMITOR830DG. A double deck electric model, equipped with digital finesse, capable of reaching a fiery 400°C. Its refractory stone surface is versatile, welcoming both direct and tray-based baking.

Independent temperature controls for each deck mean precision is a given. It can also serve as a commercial countertop pizza oven in cosy kitchens.

Then there's the OEM DOME. A nod to artisanal craftsmanship, this dome-style electric oven is both efficient and a visual treat. Capable of baking up to 7 pizzas of 35cm (14-inch) each in a batch, its thick brick floor and refractory stone chamber ensure consistently perfect results.

Check out OEM Your Pizza Hub pizza ovens here



 Piazza Logo

Piazza has been crafting some of the finest wood-fired and gas pizza ovens for nearly 25 years now, right here in New Zealand.

But their fame isn't just local; they're making a presence globally too!

Piazza is the genius behind "Pizza Ovens & More." It's their special brand that's all about making outdoor cooking a breeze for New Zealanders.

One of their star players in the commercial arena is the Piazza Pacifica XL Pizza Oven. Not only is it a stunner to look at, but it's also super versatile, running on both electricity and gas.

Its multi-layered, ceramic-lined interior keeps the heat just right while high-quality electrical and other components ensure exceptional service for years. This handcrafted model can cook 7-10, 270mm pizzas simultaneously. 

But if you're leaning more towards a wood-fired pizza oven, the Piazza Tasman Commercial Wood Fire Pizza Oven is a commendable option.  

Perfect for those looking to start their pizza venture, this oven is a powerhouse. Its design ensures it stays warm for longer, and it's built to handle the hustle and bustle of a busy kitchen.

Check out the full range of Piazza commercial pizza ovens here.


Moretti Forni

Moretti Forni Logo 

Established in 1946, Moretti Forni, The SmartBaking Company, is an Italian brand synonymous with excellence in baking. They've championed innovation and sustainability, carving out a global reputation as industry leaders.

When it comes to commercial pizza ovens, Moretti stands out. Their ovens are designed with eco-friendliness, safety, and reliability in mind, ensuring a lasting return on your investment.

Take the SerieP Amalfi, for instance. This traditional-type commercial pizza oven boasts a robust design complemented by high-density insulation. It's user-centric with a refractory brick baking chamber and can hit temperatures up to 450°C.

The Amalfi D model can efficiently bake 12 pizzas of 30cm ( 12-inch) each simultaneously, translating to a production rate of 180 pizzas per hour.

For those prioritizing speed and volume, the SerieT models are a perfect match. Available in both gas and electric versions, these conveyor pizza ovens utilize advanced technology for rapid baking and efficiency.

They're versatile, easy to operate, and designed to deliver consistent, top-notch results in a short span. These ovens use impingement technology and save considerably (- 30%) on energy.

Check out more Moretti Forni commercial pizza ovens here.



Used commercial pizza oven - worth considering?

Spending thousands of dollars on a new commercial pizza oven can put a strain on your budget and cash flow.

If you’d prefer not to invest a lot of money in new commercial kitchen equipment, a cheaper, used commercial pizza oven might be the solution you’re looking for.

SilverChef’s range of ‘Certified Used’ commercial equipment is mostly ex-rental equipment sourced from businesses we know and trust.

The equipment is typically less than two-and-a-half years old, has been fully refurbished by us, and is backed by a three-month parts-and-labour warranty.

Considering the effective, or useful, life of a commercial pizza oven is much longer, you can be sure our Certified Used products have plenty of life left in it.

You can either buy or finance the ‘Certified Used’ (and clearance) equipment on our website. (We’re one of the few financiers, if not the only one, in New Zealand that funds second-hand commercial kitchen equipment).

Read more about ‘Certified Used’ equipment.



Frequently asked questions

Does a commercial pizza oven need a hood?

Commercial pizza ovens, especially those used in restaurants, often produce a significant amount of heat, smoke, and sometimes grease-laden vapours.

For safety, health, and compliance reasons, it's generally recommended to have a hood system in place.

The hood serves multiple purposes.

It maintains safety, ensures better air quality, controls temperature and humidity in the kitchen, plus helps you meet the necessary compliances.

However, the exact requirements can vary based on the type of oven (e.g., electric vs. gas), size, local regulations, and the specific setup of the restaurant.

Always consult local codes and professionals before installing a large pizza oven.


Which commercial pizza oven is best?

When it comes to the best commercial pizza oven, it's a bit like asking, "Which pizza topping reigns supreme?" Everyone has their favourite!

Brands like Prismafood and Woodson have been heating up the game with their consistent performance.

Fimar, on the other hand, is like the classic Pepperoni - reliable and loved by many.

Now, if you're looking for something a bit more innovative, OEM Your Pizza Hub ovens might just be the one for you.   

Moretti Forni is renowned for its blend of tradition and innovation, ensuring consistent, top-notch results.

On the other hand, Piazza brings its own flair to the table, catering to various baking needs with precision.

But remember, the best oven really depends on your specific needs, space, and budget.

It's always a good idea to test a few out and see which one gets your dough rising to the occasion.

Want to try a commercial pizza oven before committing to buying it?

Our Rent-Try-Buy solution is here to help. Check our collection here and make your pick on simple weekly rent. Buy only if it works for you.


Where can I buy a commercial pizza oven for sale?

Looking to get your hands on a commercial pizza oven without straining your budget?

There are a bunch of places where you can snag a top-notch oven on sale.

The brand stores are certainly a good place to start.

Check their websites to find out if some amazing offers are going on.

Visit your local restaurant supply stores; they often have a range of options to suit different needs.

Don't forget to peek into online platforms like Trade Me or local e-commerce sites. But be careful about the quality of the product and the seller before you make a deal.

Attending a local food or restaurant expo might also help.

If you’re looking for the best commercial pizza ovens on sale but don’t want to risk it by buying the equipment from a not-so-authentic source, check out SilverChef’s collection of certified used commercial pizza ovens for the best offers.



Commercial pizza oven glossary

Dome temperature

Refers to the temperature at the top of a wood-fired oven, which is typically hotter than the floor temperature.


Flue system

This is the dedicated vent or chimney structure that expels oven-produced gases and smoke into the atmosphere.


Insulated Door 

A door designed to retain heat, ensuring energy efficiency and consistent cooking temperatures.


Pizza screen

A mesh-like, flat screen designed to hold the pizza while it bakes. It promotes enhanced air circulation and even heat distribution. Perfect for conveyor ovens when aiming for that crunchy, thin crust.


Pan gripper

This nifty kitchen tool ensures you can lift scorching pizza pans without a hitch.


Pizza paddle 

Crafted usually from wood, but occasionally from metal, these are essential for sliding pizzas in and out of the oven. They come in various sizes, both in terms of the paddle and the length of its handle.


Refractory brick

A type of brick that can withstand high temperatures, often used in the construction of commercial pizza ovens.


Recovery time 

The time it takes for an oven to return to its desired temperature after the door has been opened and closed, or after cooking a batch of pizzas.


Thermal mass 

Refers to the oven's ability to store and radiate heat, essential for consistent cooking.


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