We give community organisations — specifically those who use hospitality to support disadvantaged people — easy access to finance for heavily discounted, pre-loved commercial kitchen equipment.

At SilverChef, we know hospitality can be a catalyst for positive change, especially among disadvantaged members of our communities.

Community organisations that use hospitality and catering to care for disadvantaged people allow them to, among other things, get a feed, socialise, feel accepted, earn an income, and achieve their dreams.

That’s why we support organisations who use hospitality as a way of helping the underprivileged or under-served. If your organisation fits this description, we invite you to take advantage of Community-Equip, a product tailored for you.

It gives you easy access to up to $30,000 of finance for a large range of heavily discounted, second-hand commercial kitchen equipment (‘Certified Used’) — helping you change lives through food. 

Who’s eligible

Community-Equip is available to any community group that uses hospitality to train, empower and/or support disadvantaged members of our communities.

These groups can include:

  • Registered charities or not-for-profits
  • Social enterprises (direct-benefit, cross-subsidy or donation model)
  • Māori organisation (a registered charity or business which uses more than 50% of its time and/or resources to improve the lives of Indigenous peoples, e.g. a marae)

Participation in SilverChef’s Community-Equip Program (Program) is at the sole and absolute discretion of SilverChef. Irrespective of whether a customer meets the eligibility criteria, SilverChef will not be under any obligation to offer the Community-Equip product to any customer.

What you get

Easy access to finance

If your organisation is eligible for Community-Equip, we’ll relax our credit requirements, improving the likelihood of your finance application being approved.

Discounted equipment

You can access fully refurbished, ex-rental commercial kitchen equipment from us for 55% less than the equipment’s brand-new price — a huge saving.

Reduced rental rate

You’ll pay almost 20% less than our standard rental rate, making your affordable weekly payments even more reasonable.

How it works

You select your equipment

You select one or more pieces of Certified Used equipment and, after approving your finance application, we arrange for it to be delivered to you. (We can help you find the equipment you need and complete your finance application.)

You rent it from us

You rent the equipment from us for affordable, weekly payments under a flexible 12-month Rent–Try–Buy agreement. (An authorised member of your organisation will need to sign the agreement.)

You choose from several options

You can upgrade or buy the equipment at any time* or, at the end of the agreement, continue renting it (Loyalty) — whatever suits you best.

*subject to SilverChef's approval.

Find equipment

Our website has hundreds of pieces of Certified Used equipment to choose from.

We’ve got decades of equipment knowledge and experience: If you’d like us to help you find the equipment you need, please call us on 0800 453 010.

Please note that new, superseded and demo equipment can’t be funded under the Community-Equip product. 

Enquire about finance

To apply for finance for the equipment you’ve selected, please send us an enquiry and we’ll help you complete your application.

About Certified Used equipment

Our range of used hospitality equipment — New Zealand’s largest — helps your budget go further by allowing you to get the best brands for lower prices.

This mostly ex-rental equipment comes from businesses we know and trust, is typically less than two-and-a-half years old, has been fully refurbished, and is backed by a three-month warranty.

We’re one of the few financiers, if not the only one, that funds used hospitality equipment. 

Read more about Certified Used equipment

Need financial help?

If your community organisation uses hospitality to train, empower or support disadvantaged people, you’re welcome to apply for a grant under the SilverChef Community Grants Program. Each quarter, eligible community organisations can apply for one of four grants of $5,000. These grants are a 75:25 mix of Certified Used equipment and cash (the cash is intended to help towards the cost of the equipment’s freight and installation). 

Read more about the SilverChef Community Grants Program

Balancing purpose and profit

SilverChef is a certified B Corporation — a new kind of business that balances purpose and profit. 

As a B Corp, we believe in using business as a force for good to reduce inequality and poverty; and create a healthier environment, stronger communities, and high-quality jobs that provide dignity and purpose.

Community-Equip is just one example of the things we do to support our local communities. 

Read more about SilverChef’s purpose

Frequently asked questions

Are there any other fees or charges?

Aside from the weekly rental payments (including one week’s rent paid in advance), the only fees and charges that apply are:

  • a refundable security bond (equivalent to six weeks’ rent and paid up front)
  • the costs of disconnecting, transporting, cleaning, and servicing any equipment you return to us during or after the 12-month rental period. These costs vary according to the condition of the equipment and the distance it has to be transported.

Who owns the rental equipment?

We do. 

Though we own the equipment, there are no restrictions on how you can use it — in other words, you can use it as if it were your own equipment. 

With Rent–Try–Buy, you have the option to buy the equipment (own it) at any time. 

How can we pay the rent?

You can pay your weekly rent by direct debit from your nominated bank account.

Who’s responsible for maintaining and repairing the equipment?

Customers are responsible for arranging and paying for maintenance and repairs to their rented equipment. 

If the Certified Used equipment is still under its three-month warranty when it breaks down, we’ll help you organise a free repair, replacement, or refund.

When will we own the equipment?

If after trying the rental equipment your community organisation decides it’s exactly what you’re after, and you have the cash, you can buy (own) the equipment at any time. 

If after trying the equipment you’d like to keep your options open or review your equipment needs farther down the track, you can continue renting it for up to another 12 months (Loyalty). You’ll still have the option to buy it at any time (you won’t automatically own it at the end of the term).

Enquiry form

We’ll get back to you within one business day. (Or you can call us on 0800 453 010.)