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Robot Coupe CL55 Workstation Single PH - Veg Prep Machine



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  • Complete workstation - comes with all accessories needed to process large amounts of vegetables in no time
  • 750 or 1100W power
  • 2 speeds - 375RPM / 750RPM
  • Magnetic safety system with motor brake
  • 1 automatic stainless steel feed head
  • 1 pusher feed head
  • XL full moon hopper
  • Integrated tube
  • Potato ricer equipment
  • MultiCut pack of 16 discs - 1 / 2 / 4mm slicers; 1.5 / 3mm graters; 5x5x5 / 10x10x10 / 20x20x20mm dicers; 2x10 / 2.5x2.5 / 4x4mm julienne; 10x10mm French fry cutter
  • D-Clean kit
  • Cleaning tool for for dicing grids
  • 2 disc holders
  • Adjustable trolley
  • Stainless steel mobile stand designed to work with large quantities
  • 100 - 1000 covers per service

Key Specification
Width 396
Height 1 272
Depth 865
Weight 70
Power Type Single Phase 10 Amp
Other Features
Age rating New
Cubic Weight #VALUE!
Manufacture Name ROBOT COUPE


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Installation is not included in the equipment rental or lease; customers are responsible for arranging it at their own expense. (Some equipment dealers offer an optional installation service for an extra fee.)

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Also, please ensure the electrical rating or gas type of the equipment is compatible with the electricity or gas supply in your venue.


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It’s important to keep all the paperwork, including warranty documents, that accompanies your equipment.

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If your financial position has changed or the rental equipment no longer meets the demands of your business, you may be able to return it to us.

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Can I return the equipment?


Yes — after the 12-month agreement expires ^




^ If you don’t exercise any of your end-of-term options, you can continue renting month-to-month for as long as you need to. You can still return the equipment at any time.

You’ll just need to let us know four weeks out that you’re going to return the equipment.

Customers are responsible for transporting the equipment  to us and the cost for us to clean and service the returned equipment so it can be certified and remarketed.