München, Wellington

You’d be hard-pressed to find a more passionate supporter of the Wellington community than the area’s leading and fastest growing hospitality group, Wellington Hospitality Group (WHG). In fact, under the leadership of the group’s Director, Jamie Williams, WHG has donated more than $200,000 to the local community – and counting – in the last year alone.

“I’ve been operating bars for ten years, all of them in Wellington. Wellington Hospitality Group has sixteen of its own sites as well as three other bars that we run for PricewaterhouseCoopers,” says Jamie.

Of the 19 bars run by the group, the latest entrant to the growing fold is München, Wellington’s only authentic Bavarian beer house. Located down on the water at Queens Wharf, München is making a huge splash with the locals and tourists alike with its sensational range of schnapps, German beers and their German style New Zealand craft beers. And no German bar would be complete without a menu which includes, amongst many other things, sausages, schnitzels, pork knuckles, strudel and even a mouth-watering Black Forest Krapfen (aka doughnut) made using kirsch, cherry jam and chocolate mousse.

Silver Chef had the great pleasure of working closely with WHG on the recent equipment fit-out for München. When asked why he chose Silver Chef to assist with the finance, Jamie replies, “we liked the service and how helpful they were!"

We would have used Silver Chef a lot more in the early days if we’d known about them.

“We weren’t aware that we could finance as much as we could with them. Silver Chef made it easy for us to access finance as opposed to dealing with the banks. Initially, the application process took a bit of paperwork – financial projections and a business case – but we’d already done those. After that it was really easy, we even signed the contracts online.

“When you open a new site you’re never quite sure if you’ve got the right equipment, and the ability to switch that gear out after a certain amount of time appealed to us.

“One question they asked was, ‘Do you have other sites?’ and we do, which meant we could get finance pre-approved for other sites in future. We would have used Silver Chef a lot more in the early days if we’d known about them and the flexibility it gives us. It takes some of the worry out of the start-up process, knowing that you can change equipment if you need to.

“I know how hard it is for hospitality businesses to work with banks. A lot of people in the industry aren’t comfortable with that sort of thing, and I’d definitely recommend them to Silver Chef!

“We ordered about $260,000 worth of equipment. Honestly, it’s been a breeze and that’s probably the nicest part about it. It means we can get on with it.”

If you’re in the Wellington area and you fancy popping in to München for some German-inspired hospitality, you’ll find them at 6 Queens Wharf, Wellington, or call ahead on +64-4-979 7386. Prost!

Jamie Williams
München, Wellington

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