The Bath House, Queenstown

It’s hard to think of a more magnificent destination than Queenstown. Embraced by stunning mountain ranges, lapping the crystal shores of Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand’s most popular tourist destination is a feast for the senses. And speaking of sensory delights, The Bathhouse Café Bar & Restaurant is a perfect fit for its gorgeous surrounds.

Smack-bang on the lake front, this tiny eatery is an idyllic place to enjoy a cocktail, a delicious meal, or even a front-row seat to the New-Year fireworks. Owner, Karen Brown, is in love with the destination as well as her business; “Over the years it went to wrack and ruin and then some locals got together and saved it. It’s about 103 years old, very small, and only seats up to 34 people, but outside we can cater for up to 120 over the summer. Everything is cooked from fresh, and is a great venue for intimate sit-down dinners and cocktail-style weddings, with guests being treated to a rich cornucopia of fare, such as oysters, whitebait, and paua (abalone).

Everything was straightforward, from approaching Silver Chef about the oven, to installation, to first payment.

“The kitchen area is smaller than a standard domestic kitchen, just one oven – that’s all we have room for – so when the oven blew up in May we had to get one quickly but we didn’t budget for it. I’d never heard of Silver Chef before a rep put me onto them. With their help, we could get the equipment quickly, keep trading through winter, and we had the option to buy it out any time. We paid for it as soon as possible then they gave us back 50 per cent of the rental. It’s very good for small businesses and is so easy for anyone to access.

“Everything was straightforward, from approaching Silver Chef about the oven, to installation, to first payment. We applied on a Friday, it was on its way by Monday, and up and running by Tuesday lunchtime.

“If we hadn’t been told about Silver Chef, we wouldn’t have had the ability to maintain the quality and continuity of operation when the oven blew. I can definitely see how they can help our business grow by easing the huge initial outlay.”

Karen’s passion for front of house service is clearly reflected in the glowing reviews of patrons the world over, who continuously praise the food and service of the tight-knit team of warm and welcoming staff. Hard to believe they manage to achieve such a great all-round experience from their bijou kitchen but it must be true what they say: good things coming in small packages!

Karen Brown
The Bathhouse Cafe Bar & Restaurant

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