Who We Are?

While attending a trade show in the United States in 1985, Silver Chef founder, Allan English, discovered a new style of pizza oven set to revolutionize the pizza industry. However it became clear that many businesses could not afford to buy them, so they decided to rent them out and so began the inception of Silver Chef.
Ten years later, Allan devised a new funding solution called Rent-Try-Buy. It enabled small businesses to procure hospitality equipment without the need for a large upfront capital outlay.

Helping people achieve their dreams

In 2005, Silver Chef Limited listed on the Stock Exchange and now operates in three countries: New Zealand, Australia and Canada.
Silver Chef’s core purpose is to help people achieve their dreams by providing a flexible equipment funding solution. Silver Chef also has an underlying social purpose and is proud to support Opportunity International, and to be a Certified Bcorporation.

Our Core Values


    Together we can achieve more


    A positive attitude helps us succeed


    We promote work–life balance, health & happiness


    We treat each other fairly and show appreciation, and deal honestly with problems


    We do the right thing, no matter what the circumstances


    We are open to different ideas and approaches, and adaptable to change


    We communicate clearly, concisely and accurately

We've helped over 1,797 people achieve their dreams

Silver Chef Group comprises of two brands Silver Chef and GoGetta. The Silver Chef brand also operates in Australia as well as Canada, providing the same flexible funding solution to the hospitality industries in those countries.