$200 gift voucher

Get $10,000 (including GST) or more of SilverChef finance for hospitality equipment from Southern Hospitality and you’ll receive a $200 gift voucher.

You can put the voucher towards the cost of your next purchase at Southern Hospitality.

One of New Zealand’s largest commercial kitchen equipment suppliers, Southern Hospitality has 12 locations nationwide and over 11,000 product lines.

How it works

1. Submit a quote

You send us a quote for hospitality equipment from Southern Hospitality valued at $10,000 (inc. GST) or more.

2. Settle contract

You settle your finance contract with SilverChef before the end of March.

3. Redeem voucher

You redeem your voucher by following the link in the email we send you. Southern Hospitality will then email you your gift voucher.

4. Enter code

During the checkout process on Southern Hospitality’s website, you enter the gift-voucher code to get $200 off your next equipment purchase.

Apply for finance

Get approved for up to $65,000 of hospitality equipment finance in under 5 minutes.

You can apply for finance one of a number of ways:

SilverChef website

Call 0800 453 010

One of our customer-service consultants will be happy to help you with your application.

Southern Hospitality

Apply directly from Southern Hospitality's showroom or website.

Frequently asked questions

To get the gift voucher, when does my finance contract have to start?

For you to qualify for the $200 gift voucher, your finance contract must settle sometime between 1 February 2023 and 31 March 2023.

In addition, please tell us, in 50 words or less, why you chose SilverChef for your hospitality-equipment financing.

How do I redeem my gift voucher?

After your finance contract settles, SilverChef will send you a redemption email; click on the link in the email and follow the prompts. 

At the end of that same month, Southern Hospitality will send you a digital $200 gift voucher via email that will be assigned to your Southern Hospitality account.

How long do I have to qualify for my gift voucher?

You have until midnight on Friday 31 March 2023 to apply for your Southern Hospitality gift voucher.

When will I receive my gift voucher?

If your finance contract starts in February, you’ll receive your digital gift voucher in the first week of March. If your agreement starts in March, you’ll receive your voucher in the first week of April.

How do I use my gift voucher?

Your digital gift voucher has a code: When you enter this code during the checkout process on Southern Hospitality’s website, $200 will be deducted from the cost of your next equipment purchase. 

Or, instead of entering the code, you can select the relevant option in the ‘Use my gift voucher’ dropdown list at checkout.

How long is the gift voucher valid for?

Your Southern Hospitality digital gift voucher is valid for 12 months from the date you redeem it.

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