The Little Kitchen, Christchurch

In the aftermath of the Christchurch earthquake, chef, Christopher Winsloe, was out of a job and looking for a way forward. Little did he know he’d end up with one of the most innovative forms of food preparation and distribution ever to hit the streets of New Zealand, a mobile food truck known as The Little Kitchen.

“When people see the truck on the side of the street they’re just blown away,” says Chris. “It’s built a completely different way from what people expect. The food-truck trend has become really big here, it virtually grew overnight. With my truck I’ve opened up all three sides, and I work from the outside in. I turn the key on, open up the door and press a button and it all goes. 

“I can feed up to 700 people out of this truck. The most I’ve done is 900 units at $5 each. In four hours! I’ve also got a combi-steam oven in the truck, so that’s how unique it is. It gets up to 300 degrees and there’s steam coming out of it and people are like ‘whoa’. I can cook 20 chickens in 22 minutes.

“My two biggest sellers are the pork belly with a sweet soy and ginger marinade, and the pulled pork. I can also do weddings out of the truck, like a buffet style. I’m hired to go to places, I can make and serve food on the side of the street outside bars from about 10 at night ‘til 7 in the morning. I’ve seen it all!

“I started with just $1,800, and it was either going to go down the gurgler or it was going to be a success...I needed equipment and someone suggested Silver Chef. I had a really old coffee machine in the truck but I wanted to get something of great quality but not too costly and Silver Chef helped my find a machine sourced from Italy. It’s got brilliant performance and you can’t beat the beauty of Italian machines.

“I’ve also just got a fridge from Silver Chef after my other one broke down, they were able to help me straightaway which was great as I could keep doing what I wanted to do. 

“Silver Chef has been amazing because of their structure. You have a lot of options; you can rent, you can buy you can pay it off at your own pace, whatever works for you. Their follow-up, and their support has been great. The rent-to-buy option is absolutely brilliant. The outlay is not over the top and it makes it affordable for small businesses. I would recommend them without a doubt!”

Christopher Winsloe
The Little Kitchen, Christchurch

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